You open his eyes.

The first thing youre struck with is the smell of burning rubble. The second, the weightlessness. You glance at the ground, theres a body wearing the same clothes as the one youre looking over. You conclude he is dead.

There's two people standing by the body, you turn your attention to them because looking at the body has begun to make you feel ill. "where am i?" your voice speaks up, somehow you know its not your own, you reach your second conclusion, you are the body on the ground.

"you're awake." The girl speaks. "we can begin then?" "begin what?" you ask. "your judgement of course!" She smiles coyly. "don't tell me you don't understand yet? You've died and now you're to begin your own trial." "trial for what?" you ask. It's the male who speaks up this time. "The Trial to see where youll go after this." He gestured meakly to the body. "like heaven? doesn't everybody just pick to go there?" you ask. "you would think that, of course thats why you dont remember, were going to walk you back through your life using memory links to objects you had. You wont remember the feelings attatched to the actions but youll see yourself doing them." The girl explained. "And then me and my trusty coworker here will ask you some questions based on what you saw, and then together well be able to decide where you go." "What if i dont want to go anywhere?" you ask tentatively. "Ridley." the girl speaks, you feel uneased, was that your name? "Change is unavoidable, and you can fear it all you want but the longer you stay here the more you'll-" her voice faltered. "It's just in your best interest to hurry, what will it be?"